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The international investigations Leon Rabi Group was founded by its owner, a former official of Carabinieri, today President of the Association of the most popular private investigators in the sector, Teacher of investigative and security science at various universities in Italy, author of several publications on the subject of investigations and security, expert at the Criminal Court of Rome, as well as, Privacy Policy Consultant in the field of investigations and security.
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International Investigations

Investigazioni Matrimoniali Roma

Welcome to international investigations. Leon Rabi Group deals with international investigations, private investigations, corporate intelligence, protection, and security operations.

Our Group, investigative agency authorized by the Prefecture of Rome, works all over the world thanks to the Network of investigative agencies dedicated to the private sector, corporate, government, international investigations and international security. Customers who rely on our international investigation services are corporations and VIPs to whom we offer dedicated services in the international arena.

International scenarios require special characteristics of planning and specific skills. Our network of international investigations allows us to move easily and effectively all over the world reaching your goals.

Your requests are important to us, please contact us to learn more to the direct number +39 342 7214613 or
email us, we will contact you within 24H.

Authorized by the Prefecture of Rome

The Leon Rabi Group, investigative agency authorized by the Prefecture of Rome, has a 'ong experience in the field of private, corporate and criminal investigations internationally. In all our activities we collect valuable elements that can be used in the Judiciary.

The Leon Rabi Network

Thanks to our network we serve with ease many areas of the world with the international investigations service:

 Europe Investigations in Europe   

 Est-Europe Investigations in Est-Europe   

 Africa Investigations in Africa   

The Leon Rabi Group has built over the years a solid network of investigative agencies in many countries in the world gaining unparalleled experience in international investigations.

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Divorzio Infedeltą Coniugale Investigazioni Matrimoniali Roma

Our Approach to International Investigations

Our activities are unique and dedicated. Each customer, especially in the field of international investigations, requires a tailored and scalable service that includes a number of variables to consider in the development of the delicate international situation.

In the area of international investigations requests normally are for: private investigations, corporate investigations, criminal investigations, defense and forensic investigation, private security and corporate security. Your contact will enable us to study together and develop a plan for quoting your request. After that you will be required to sign an investigative mandate to start the international investigations.

Our experience in the field of international investigations allows us to offer a wide range of investigative strategies scalable, flexible and result-oriented.

Our investigative agencies network will follow you in all phases of the activity and will remain with you to offer a unique service of international investigations. We have an immediate operation in Europe and a preparation of 24H to destinations outside the EU.

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Why contact the Leon Rabi Group?

Because we really know international environment, because We care about practical feasibility and regulatory impediments before proposing an international investigations service, because we lead investigations throughout Europe and several countries in the world.

We have a verifiable experience in the industry and our goal is always to offer a personalized and effective service. Our personalized approach to international investigations services is different from other investigative agencies.

Our company motto is: if it is impossible, we do it!

For more information on our International Investigations Service call us at direct number +39 342 7214613 or email us, we will contact you within 24H.

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